After Keswick we headed north to Scotland. We stayed in the Trossachs on the side of Loch Achtay. The weather was grey, so we only managed one peak, Ben A’an, which was beautiful and sheltered due to the forest path. We managed a trip on the Lady of the Lake on Loch Katrine which would probably have been beautiful had the weather been clearer. The coffee with whisky certainly brightened the trip.

On Friday I attended, with 4,500 others, an orientation session for us 'Clydesider' Commonwealth Games 2014 volunteers at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow. This was very exciting and was an opportunity to hear about what has happened so far, and what's to happen over the coming 5 months. Lots of young sports men and women were showcasing their sports and it was very impressive to be next to the pole jumper and the gymnasts. Pole jumping seems to require some very special skills…. Having been very buoyed up with the pumping music – which obviously included The Proclaimers (hooray, but could have had more), and the talks and videos, we then saw the volunteer uniform and off we went into the night. Shame there's no tartan in the uniform, but may have to try and find some tartan trainers, or at least tartan laces to go with it.

Yesterday saw Roger and I in Edinburgh, with the hottest tickets in the city for Murrayfield to see Scotland vs France in the penultimate weekend of the 6 nations rugby. We were obviously Scottish supporters for the day. The city seemed to be full of jolly Frenchmen and many kilted Scottish. Interestingly it wasn’t just the Scottish wearing kilts and it was a bunch (if this is the appropriate group reference) of French kilted men who showed the surrounding crowds what is worn under a kilt. Fortunately I wasn’t quick enough with a camera to catch this, but did love the comment of a small girl nearby who said, “they just showed their bottoms!” The crowd was loud and raucous, and I can say with confidence that Frenchmen do still say, ‘Oo la la,’ at what may or may not have been appropriate times during matches. We had fantastic seats and had a birds eye view of both of the Scottish tries, but at the end of the day were robbed, another French win in the dying moments of a 6 nations match.



Today we went off to visit Britannia at Leith. What a beautiful yacht and I thoroughly recommend a visit if you’re in Edinburgh. The tour takes you through lots of both the royal and the staff areas, and the tea room is wonderful. It’s like seeing a bit of history. Back to the flat to watch England beat the Welsh in today’s crunch match. Roll on Rome next week and the deciding weekend of the 6 nations for 2014….


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