Our virgin TOG-up

Last November Roger and I bought tickets to attend the Children in Need performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Whilst at the champagne reception we were introduced to Hellen and Norm, two of Sir Terry Wogan’s Old Geezers (TOGs). Who would have known what that would lead to. Since then I’ve kept in touch with them (and the other Facebook TOGs) and we decided to go on one of their TOG ups to the Manor House Hotel in Devon. Well what a wonderful weekend we’ve had. The hotel works on the basis of it being all inclusive of meals and has a full range of craft and sporting activities that are included in the cost. The only extra charge was any materials used or alcohol! There were 9 of us in the group for the whole weekend, with two visitors for tea on Friday. We’d travelled from across the south of England, and the number included 9 TOGs, 1 TYG and the gorgeous Rog. 

During the course of the weekend I took part in a range of activities including enamelling, patchwork, porcelain painting, wooden sign making, Kurling, tennis coaching, pedal kart racing, 10 pin bowling, snooker and swimming. Others also did silk painting, glass engraving, went on a lovely walk, air rifle shooting and played in the children’s funhouse – I don’t have any photos of this, but I do know that they are available, just ask the right people…. I’ve learnt new skills, eaten a huge amount and laughed a huge amount.

This is what Roger and I made over the course of the weekend. Roger contributed the Eunoia sign, which will have pride of place when we go aboard tomorrow for the first time.  


Other highlights of the weekend include Gissa and Hellen both attempting the lotus position in the bar (one more successfully than the other), Gissa announcing that the shower in our room was very hot when Rog and I had missed him trying this out, Norm taking over as photographer during the pedal cars when apparently we were travelling a tad faster than he predicted, a waiter who we realised hadn’t quite mastered the skills of silver service as he carried the vegetable bowls stacked on top of each other which when the top bowl was removed resulted in very flat veg, Ruth and Carol competing to give the tip to Charlie, one of the other waiters and the formation of a new TOGs subgroup, the ‘TT’s’. Still not sure I entirely (or even vaguely) understood this last point, so any TOGs wondering if this is for them should probably speak to one of the others for a fuller explanation. We realised that some of us are naturally more competitive than others and others just don’t really care and go with the flow. Altogether a lovely time, with lovely people. A treat to be repeated I hope (if I’m not thrown out for being too harmless!)

A few other photos just to show the fun we had.









Image    Image

ImageNorm merging into the background whilst bowling!



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