Home and a wedding

After a lovely trip away, home gave us the chance to catch up with a few of those domestic chores and meet up with some of our lovely friends. I managed supper with an old quartet at North Warnborough, lunch with old work colleagues in Winchester and an evening barbecue with the lovely Chris, Sara and little Zoe. All good times to catch up.

We then got ourselves ready for the big wedding.


We headed off for Oxford where I was performing bus monitor at the park and ride. On our arrival we soon saw the transport arranged for us.


Bus monitor role was duly completed and only three people didn’t quite make it and had to manage the normal park and ride. Poor old Alex is clearly not blessed with either a good sense of direction, or timing! Good job he’s blessed in so many other ways.

The wedding was gorgeous. Beautiful church, fantastic service, one hymn sung in Finnish which I think we all had a good stab at, and most importantly a beautiful bride and groom. Lovely.

We went off for the reception having shared some lovely tea and cake at the church whilst photos were taken, thanks to Joy the brides mum and her fantastic cooking skills, then we were back on the bus to the reception where fun was had, photos taken, food and drink consumed and the wedding was very much celebrated. Thank you Gemma and Oskari for allowing us to be part of your special day, and special thanks to Joy and David – you should be very proud, it was great.


I loved all the beautiful homemade decorations which included hand made bunting, place cards and the table decorations which had flowers in tea pots on each table. Gorgeous.


Next stop Glasgow….


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