Pudsey and Bunting

We’ve been back from Peru for four weeks, and seem to have been busy already. We did lots of catching up with friends, and making sure that we stayed in contact with our new friends that we met in Peru. Who knew that I could use WhatsApp, or even that Roger could. Highlights of the last four weeks would have to include a fantastic evenings entertainment with the Underground Clown Club who performed at Chandlers Ford and were fantastic. Their poetry performance is witty, amusing and very thought provoking. On reflection I don’t think that I would want to meet a heffalump and I agree that when you’re given the heads up about mischief being imminent, it’s a warning you should take.

Band practises have been back in full swing and the Christmas music is definitely top of the agenda each week. My favourite time of year both generally and in terms of being part of a brass band.

This has been a period of crafts for me, and I’ve managed to make all my Christmas cards, and in excess of 100m of Christmas bunting, in a range of bright Christmasy fabrics. Who knew that I’d be able to do this and to sell some of it as well. I’ve also branched out into advent calendars for anyone that’s interested and there’s still just about time to order!!!


Last week we went off to Eunoia for 36 hours to make sure she was prepared for winter. We were pleased to see that she was looking good and despite the cold and damp outside was feeling fine and after 20 minutes of the heating being on, was very comfortable. Being up north allowed us the opportunity for a visit to Sheffield to see Polly. This was taken and we spent a lovely evening eating Spanish Tapas, and catching up.


Just over a week ago we set off for London for a fun packed two days. Unfortunately our train was delayed, but having reached Waterloo we rushed over to the O2 for the ATP tennis where we saw two fantastic matches. The first was a doubles match that went to a third set and then a singles match between David Ferrer and the youngster Kei Nishikori. Nishikori was fantastic, with real moments of brilliance and I’m sure we’ve seen a grand slam winner in the making. After this we rushed to our hotel and then into town, where we had a quick meal at the Thai Pin and then went to the Adelphi theatre where we saw Made in Dagenham. What a show, what a night, what a treat. The show is inspired by the true story that lies behind women in Britain getting equal pay and is based in the Ford factory at Dagenham, Essex. An inspiring story and very wittily done. Gemma Arteton plays the lead roll of Rita O’Grady and does it splendidly. A fantastic evening and I would recommend it to everyone. The only thing that would have made the day slightly less stressful, would have been Roger bringing the tickets for the tennis and the theatre with us – fortunately as they’d both been booked on the internet we had e.mails to prove we’d got tickets.


Friday morning saw us setting the alarm for 0520Hrs and taking a walk along Portland Place to the BBC, with me dressed in a Pudsey Onesie, which on reflection is clearly one of my best looks. We were off to join other TOGS to man the phones for the BBC Children in Need appeal. What a lovely time we had, meeting other TOGS we hadn’t previously met and taking donations and pledges from lovely members of the public. I had the pleasure of being hugged by Gareth Malone, John Culshaw, Michael Ball and Ken Bruce. It was a lovely atmosphere in the BBC and a real pleasure and privilege to be involved in a small way in the massive success of the fund raising that day. Here’s a few photos from the occasion.

IMG_0396 IMG_0008 IMG_0006 IMG_0009















At the end of our shift we went off for breakfast with the rest of the TOGS enjoying lots of fun as we found time to chat to each other. A lovely morning.

Roger and I then made our way to Canary Wharf to meet up with some of El Groupo (our Peru friends). Fortunately we managed to find each other, and I hope that my Pudsey onesie was useful in this respect! We had a lovely time together reminiscing and just enjoyed being together again. How we missed the other 4.

IMG_0394Our last adventure was going to see Martyn Joseph at the Brook.  He’s a fantastic singer songwriter who performed a two hour set with ease. Just one man with his guitar. There were several occasions when we had to remind ourselves that it was just him. I’d forgotten just how talented a man he is. A wonderful evening shared with the lovely Chris and Sara.


The other thing of note in this period is that Roger has returned to the work force with a Christmas job, and yesterday had his first shift with Waitrose as a delivery driver.