Visiting the Palace

Our fantastic children, Jack and Polly, have worked so hard over a long period of time to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh awards, and both had achieved their gold award. Jack had patiently waited for Polly to finish hers so that they could apply for their presentation at the same time so that both Roger and I could go and support them. After lots of waiting the date had arrived. We booked a fantastic apartment through Airbnb and arranged to meet the kids in London to have a 24 hour celebration. We had a lovely meal at Muriel’s Kitchen and then went off to see Les Mis. After a late night drinking wine, chatting, playing games and opening birthday presents (3 birthdays in the family in February) we adjourned to bed.
The next day we set off to St James’s palace for the award. We enjoyed a walk down Bond Street marvelling at the posh shop windows. Once at the palace we joined the yellow queue and found our seats. A lovely presentation during which Prince Edward addressed the youngsters and the certificates were presented by Phil Brown who was an Olympic silver medallist from 1984. A lovely morning and two very proud parents. The trip was finished off by lunch, with the addition of my brother Michael to share in the kids success.

Thanks Jack and Polly for giving us another chance to marvel at your fantastic-ness. Great work.




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