The Weaver Navigation

We were so pleased to see our friends Michael and Lesley at the top of the Anderton boat lift. They brought us post and packages from home together with news of friends. Excitedly the four of us got on board and went into one of the caissons of the famous lift ready to go down the 50 feet from the Trent and Mersey canal to the river Weaver. Another of the 7 wonders of the canal. It was all very exciting as the lift moved us smoothly and gently down the 50ft into the Weaver. At the bottom it was daunting at first to be in such a wide waterway after the canal but so beautiful.  


 Over the course of 2 1/2 days we investigated the entire length of the navigation going north to where it joined the Manchester ship canal and South to the Winsford flash. The weather was stunning and we saw many industrial premises on the side of the Weaver, evidence of its busy former life. We passed through vast locks built for huge boats but were well looked after by Canal and River Trust staff and passed safely through.   We saw examples of stunning bridges and generally had a fantastic time before heading back up the lift – this time with 2 other boats in the same caisson. Beautiful and recommended if you get the chance    

       What a lovely experience to share with friends. 


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