The Lancaster – the sociable canal

We had a whole month on the Lancaster canal travelling the 42 miles (and one swing bridge) from Preston in the south and Tewitfield in the north, and the short trip down the Glasson Arm with its six locks. It was so rural and beautiful. 

We shared the canal with a whole host of visitors, my mum joined us for a bit as we travelled from Preston to Lancaster. Between the two is Garstang, the 1st ever fair trade town. 


We also saw our good friends John and Caroline (no photo) briefly and was able to do the first stop of our uni tour by canal when Abi came to see us.  

 We were then joined by Chris and Sara, and we took the opportunity of their additional muscle to do the Glasson locks. A lovely trip to the Glasson basin and the fantastic smokehouse followed. We saw an abundance of swans and cygnets across the canal but particularly on the Glasson. I hitched a lift home with them to collect the camper so that we’re all ready for the pending uni pickups of our youngsters. 

After those visits Roger and I went to the top of the Lancaster, visiting Carnforth and Hest Bank on the way. Right at the top is Tewitforth where the M6 cut off the remaining 14 miles of the canal that originally went to Kendal. You can walk by the motorway and see the old locks, just waiting to be renovated so that the entire length is navigable again. 

Having such a long time in such a short canal we took the opportunity for a few trips. A train journey clockwise around the Lake district was spectacular and we saw the beautiful coast line.  We had a good days walk up the Old Man of Coniston which stretched a few muscles, and enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at Lakeland in Windermere. Always worth a browse!


Our final visitors were our daughter Polly, her friend Lizzie – a Lancaster local and Abi again. So lovely to share more time with them post uni exams. 

Snowy had his first proper fall into the canal last week which was a bit out of the blue. He was being very brave (stupid) and decided to walk down the gunwhale whilst we were cruising. Don’t know whether he just slipped, or tried to turn around, but he fell in. We can report that he swims well and we had an eventful half an hour trying to locate him in the reeds on the non tow path side of the canal. He seems ok, but hadn’t gone out since!

Such a beautiful rural canal. We had some lovely weather and a relaxing time. We travelled back across the link on Thursday safely and are now in the Rufford  arm of the Leeds and Liverpool canal. We’re off the boat for the next three weeks doing uni pick ups, lawn mowing and catching up with friends at home.