On dry land

I’m so behind and this blog is late as we’ve been afloat again for 12 days, but that’s for the next blog!

Roger and I packed up Eunoia at a marina on the Rufford branch and taking Snowy with us set off home – via Durham, to collect Jack. Many miles later we successfully got home and this was the start of 3 weeks when we caught up with friends, Roger did loads of gardening, we collected Polly from Sheffield, I dealt with 21 lbs of gooseberries (jam, cakes, more jam, gin & freezer) and we did a bit of sorting. I played in a few band events and managed to find a couple of occasions to make pavlova. In reality, the main thing we did was watch Wimbledon and cheer Andy Murray on. 

The final trip whilst home was to London’s Savoy theatre to see Gypsy. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended. 

A lovely three weeks and great to catch up with the kids and lots of our friends.