Spain 2016

We’ve been in sunny Spain for two weeks now, having left home for our European adventure on Friday 15th January. Travelling from Portsmouth to Santander on the ferry was very calm and an easy journey and it was great to arrive at Santander to be greeted by friends Michael and Ebun. They were just completing their Spanish tour as we arrived, and they were waving furiously as we got off the boat. We managed a quick hug before moving on. Thank you so much you lovely pair.

We stayed in a local campsite in Santander, that we didn’t see a lot of. It was dark when we arrived and we didn’t hang around much in the morning as we were keen to head south. As we drove away we realised we were on a lovely headland looking north over the sea. It was quite beautiful as we drove off. We headed south trusting Tomtom to lead us in the right direction. We were heading for south of Madrid for our overnight stop and whilst the drive through Madrid was unexpected, we arrived safely at Aranjuez overnight. We’d stayed here last year, and it was nice to be in a familiar place.

Monday saw us drive south as the temperature gradually increased to a very comfortable 19 Celsius. Our route was east towards Murcia and then south to Alfaix in the Almeria region. We got to our studio apartment in good time even managing a shop on the way.

Since arriving here we’ve been fairly mellow but managed a number of lovely walks. We’ve managed to go up into the mountains a number of times which we both love. We went to the Lubrin festival of San Sebasti├ín again which was just as bizarre as last year. Bread is thrown into the crowd as a statute of San Sebasti├ín is wheeled through the streets. The aim is to collect at least 12 rounds of bread, which you hang up in your home to give you 12 months of good luck.


We took a trip to Los Molinos, a lovely valley where gypsum can be found. There are natural springs in the valley so the area is much greener than the rest of this area, which as a whole is the driest part of Europe apparently. This was a beautiful walk down a steep valley and then along the valley floor. Lots of clambering, but beautiful.

We’ve explored more of the Cabo de Gata national park which we loved last year, though this time we spent time in an old gold mining town and climbing up Torre de los Lobes. A lovely viewing point over the southern Mediterranean.  

We’ve had some lovely tapas at a cafe at the top of Mojaca Pueblo a town on a hill. Fantastic views and great grub. I’ll have to try making some of the tapas sometime!  

So two weeks later we’ve had a lovely time. A few overcast days and even a bit of rain on one day, but generally the temperatures been very comfortable and we’ve got out every day to do something. A great time, and looking forward to the next bit of the adventure.