Road trip part 1

We left southern Spain with the prospect of 11 nights in the van and about 1,000 miles to travel to get to our next stop on the Italian Swiss border. 

Our first stop was in Valencia. Our campsite was near the metro station so we travelled into the city without having to drive the van. We spent a lovely day wandering around the city admiring some excellent modern building at the Cindad De Las Artes Y Ciencias. Five buildings nestled together at the end of a park that wound its way through the city. We also saw some, more expected, old architecture including a lovely cathedral where we climbed the tower for views across the city.   

We then headed to Barcelona. Again the campsite was next to the metro and so off we went. We spent the afternoon at the Olympic stadium and the Olympic sport museum. Barcelona was a huge city. 

We returned the next day and took the hop on and off tourist bus to get around. First stop was the Sagrada Familia. Stunning building, still being built. The inside was so beautiful, with lovely stained glass which was even more beautiful with the sun shining through it. Back on the tourist bus we had stunning views of most of the major buildings and tourist spots. We saw lots of Gaudi buildings.   

We took a quick jaunt to Montserrat on leaving Barcelona which entailed the sort of windy mountain roads that Roger loves! The monastery was on the side of a cliff with views across the valleys. We were there in time for the boys choir to sing in the basilica which was lovely. We then took the funicular up to the top of the mountain from where we walked backed to the monastery. Such a peaceful and inspirational place. Loads of mountain trails to take, so well worth going back to.   

 6th February was Roger’s birthday and also the start of the 6 nations rugby. We’d got ourselves into France so that we’d be able watch it. We pottered in the morning then tried to find a venue to watch the rugby. Eventually we made it to Beziers to an Irish bar where we were able to watch France and England win. Unfortunately by the time the England match had finished we were too late to get into our campsite so wild camped. 

Then began our trip further along the French Riviera, with stops at Montpellier, the Camargue, Etang de Berre, St Tropez – which we’re sure is stunning in the sun, and Cannes. A gorgeous coastline with fantastic beaches and lovely mountains to the north. We then went to Monaco enjoying the beautiful ports, old town and travelling on a local bus around the famous hairpin bend travelled on the Grand Prix. In all of this we didn’t see anyone famous. Maybe early February isn’t peak viewing time for the rich here! 

 All this travelling brought us to Italy for the next part of our adventure. 


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