Slipping and sliding

What a fantastic week in Viehhofen. We were joined by our wonderful kids Jack and Polly who flew into Salzburg for a week of skiing at Saalbach Hinterglemm. The weather was sunny and warm and we were assured the snow was great. 

At the start of the week the family competence assessment was that Roger and Jack were already confident skiers. I was very unconfident and Polly a complete novice. Lots of room for improvement. 

On our 1st day Polly went off for a lesson and in 4 1/2 hours learnt a huge amount and decided that no more lessons were needed. She very quickly grew in confidence and skill and skied all day, every day, getting better and better each time. How I admired her capacity to believe in the skill she’d amassed and just go with it! She was brilliant.  

 Jack was great too. Two uni skiing holidays had equipped him with good skills and he skied with calm assurance, giving lots of helpful advice, support and guidance to Polly and I. It was lovely to see Roger and Jack enjoying each other’s company as they went off together enjoying some more challenging runs. All was well until a heavy fall on a jump that left Jack with a few cuts, a poorly arm and probably most inconvenient, the loss of one lens from his glasses. It kept Jack off the skies for one day, but after that he was right back on it.   

 Roger was Mr consistent throughout, enjoying the skiing and supporting his family.  He took a few opportunities to go off do a few more challenging runs whilst we were otherwise occupied just to ensure his skills were up to scratch.   

  As for me, I had a mixed week. Seems that I had a bit of a mental block I needed to get over, but finally at the end of the week, under the watchful and supportive eyes of my family, I finally became a skier who could confidently and successfully get down blue runs. Thank goodness for that as it allowed a wonderful day when the four of us could ski together, with the special bonus of fresh, powdery snow to ski in – perfect. 

It was lovely to spend a week together, skiing during the day, eating together and playing games in the evening. Ligretto and Linkee being the top favourites. A week filled with love and laughter – thank you. 

Now we’re all heading home. Jack and Polly flying and us in the camper. Happy days. 


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