Durham Congregation

With Eunoia safely moored at Castleford, we were collected by Polly and travelled to Durham together. Stopping for a shop on the way we arrived safely at Crook Hall, our lovely home from home for a couple of days. When we arrived we met up with Jack and my mum who was also there to share the celebration with us. Durham is such a beautiful city, and we went off to the Castle to have our own private tour, before heading over to the cathedral to enjoy evensong.  It was lovely to share a family meal in the evening before Jack and Polly headed off and we all turned in.

Tuesday was the big day, and Jack’s congregation started at 9am prompt. We were on Palace Green by 7.45, a little bleary eyed, but excited. Seeing Jack in his gown with his bright pink hood was fabulous and he looked justifiably proud. Jack then went off to be lined up and we went into the cathedral. The actual congregation was lovely, and we proudly watched Jack and many others go from Graduands to being Graduates. Four years of hard work during which he secured his Masters in Mathmatics, with a huge hug from the university chancellor Sir Thomas Allen. To crown our proud moment, he was even mentioned by name in Sir Thomas’s speech!

After the ceremony we gathered with Jack, his friends and their families and laughed and celebrated together. It was lovely to be with Eleanor and Holly who were also both graduating, with their families to share the day – and the sun shone for the photos which was lovely. We also went to the Mathematics reception, fortunately there wasn’t a test to get in!

The afternoon saw showers of rain, but undaunted Jack and I were out supporting Holly and her family who had an afternoon slot, and doing the graduation tent stalls.

University College Durham have their own way of doing things and they do it with style. In the evening we went off to a drinks reception in the Tunstal Gallery, followed by dinner in the Great Hall. We finally ended up in the Undie for drinks. A wonderful day shared with the Kershaw-Green’s and the d’Anger’s. Fabulous company for a wonderful celebration of the brilliance of our fantastically talented children. Definitely a proud parent day.


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