Our next adventure

I mentioned in my last blog, a training weekend with USPG – United Society for Partners in the Gospel. We had come across USPG at Greenbelt last year, and were very challenged by work they had been doing in partnership with the Anglican Church in Greece with refugees. We found out about their ‘Journey With Us’ programme, which sends people out with an opportunity to experience and share in the life and mission of the world church. We have been working with USPG, and have been fortunate in securing a placement with them in Athens, Greece with the Anglican Church of St Paul’s and the Salvation Army.


We are heading out for just under 10 weeks as volunteers to assist in programmes being run to support refugees. We anticipate working in the warehouse, the day centre and the community. We are warned of the ‘unpredictability of Greece’ and the responsive nature of the humanitarian programme, so will need to be flexible in our approach.

I am sure that this will be a challenging time for Roger and I, but also one which we expect to be life changing. We hope to be useful in the situation and not get in the way.

We will keep folk up to date though my blog and would greatly appreciate prayers and positive thoughts for the situation that we are going into.



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