Hello, I’m Diana, retired 30 year police officer, married to the lovely Roger, retired 26 year police officer. We are proud parents to Jack and Polly, both having graduated from university and working in their chosen roles. This blog is created to record how Roger and I manage our new found freedom and also so that we remember what we do. We’re TOGs at heart, and have difficulty in remembering what we did yesterday, let alone last week so hopefully this will act as a sort of diary.

The name Courgette Lady comes from my love of vegetable growing, which has led for a number of years in a glut of courgettes, which appear to be the one thing I can consistently grow in abundance. Being people that don’t like to create waste has led to a surprisingly large repertoire of courgette recipes including my signature dish, courgette brownies – with or without nuts depending on the audience.



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