Pre – retirement fun

Well Friday 21st February passed remarkably calmly. No disasters, nothing dramatic, but our last working day came and went.
To set the scene, my husband and I are currently (but not for much longer, serving Hampshire Constabulary officers. After a total of 56 years between us (I’ve got 30 and the lovely Roger 26) we’ve given back our uniform and kit and now have space for new clothes in the wardrobe and can banish all the black socks and make way for bright coloured ones.
Having had our last working day, we travelled to the Isle of Wight, our first postings. We visited Osborne House and revelled in Queen Victoria’s luxury, than made our way to Shanklin where we were staying. Fortunately Monday started brightly, enabling us to manage our planned walk along the coast path. We took the very rattly train from Shanklin to Ryde arriving feeling only slightly sick, then off we went walking clockwise from Ryde Esplanade. The sun shone beautifully as we went from Ryde to Seaview which was when we encountered our first coast path sign. They were clearly a rare breed in this part of the walk. You may consider that signs for the IW coast path would not be needed, surely you just keep walking with the sea on your right/left (delete as appropriate), but with recent weather, not all of the path is directly by the sea. However to cut a longish story short, we completed our 15.25 mile walk arriving in Shanklin in time for a cup of tea and a lie down. Would have loved a bath, but the hotel we’d booked didn’t oblige in this respect.

DSC00994 DSC00996
After a suitable recovery time we went off to The Village Inn for supper, which we would highly recommend, then off to Holliers to see some lovely folk, most of whom were retired police officers who we’d served with many years ago. A more delightful group of lovelies you’d be hard pressed to meet.
After travelling home, the next event was our proper leaving do. A bigger affair which necessitated preparation of a buffet for 80. (Whilst this was achieved successfully, I’m not sure this is a new career choice). All worth while and our hand picked group of colleagues we’d worked with over the last 30 years were all on time, in good form and very good fun. A fantastic evening where we were both made to feel very special as we surrounded by special people and both had some very thoughtful gifts, including this lovely wine holder.

Camper van wine holder
Today, Friday 28th February is Roger’s last day as an officer, mine is Sunday 2nd. On the evidence so far, I think there is life after the police, but we’ll keep you updated on here.